V2 EX Kit

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V2 has been a mainstay of the e-cig industry for years now. Through several iterations, they have managed to keep up with the constant technology growth of the industry, yet refining it in a way that makes their products a great viable option for both veteran and beginning vapers. In this review, we try out the V2 EX starter kit, which is a step up from the Classic Kit (which we will also review in the near future).

Build – 90 Excellent

The V2 EX presents itself very well, no matter which exterior finish you may select. I personally chose the Carbon Fiber finish, which as advertised, looks like carbon fiber has been wrapped around the battery and cartridge cover. The available finishes are:

Snap 2014-12-25 at 13.19.28Brushed Steel – This battery picks up where Stainless Steel left off. Futuristic metal casing creates a streamlined look that pairs well with any wardrobe. Battery comes with white LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in black.
Carbon Fiber – A modern design featuring a subtle black pattern that gives this battery a textured appearance. Battery comes with white LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in grey.
Scarlet Metallic – A bold red with an iridescent finish, this battery has universal appeal. Battery comes with white LED lights and the V2 logo in white.
Royale – A white battery with a pattern of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs, this battery is one no card player should be without. The battery features a Jack at the tip and a large spade on the cartridge sleeve. Battery comes with red LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in black.
Bloom – Delicate and feminine, this white battery blooms with wisps of pink and purple. The included cartridge sleeve is also white with a smaller wisp in the same shades as the battery. Battery comes with pink LED indicator lights and the V2 logo in purple.

Each battery is about 135 mm in length, runs at 280 mAh and V2 advertises about 300 puffs. Also include is a matching sleeve that slides over the cartomizer you attach, to match up with the battery and keep a cohesive look. Along the end of the battery are 5 embedded LED’s of varying colors depending on which finish you chose. These are the battery charge indicator lights and double as an activation indicator, lighting up to show when a puff is being taken and the battery is active.
There are a few cons to this arrangement for me. While the sleeve is nice and makes the whole package look uniform, it attaches over the cartomizer by sliding over a little rubber “O” ring. Though they do send extras, I can see this quickly wearing out and therefore allowing air to come in under the ring rather than through the cartomizer eventually. Because the sleeve is required for vaping (it covers a hole that allows air through the cartomizer, though I suppose you could put a finger over it) this could be an issue down the road. Also, though I really like the integration of the battery indicator lights and the fact that you can see HOW much charge is left in the battery, it’s often hard to see since you have to draw on the e-cig before they light up. Therefore you have to hold the apparatus at an odd angle to be able to draw on and read the battery life. It would have been nice if the lights would stay illuminated for another second or two after drawing. The sleeve also blocks viewing any ports in their newest EX cartomizers that shows how much liquid is left. I do concur that you’ll probably get around the advertised amount of 300 puffs per charge.
Still, the sheer quality of the build, the available finishes, and an actual indication of how much charge you have left on the battery makes for a well put together product that is unique, sophisticated and well ahead of its time.

Vapor – 85 Excellent

Though unusual, I wanted to test two kinds of cartomizers with this setup. The first was their regular V2 Flavor Cartridge and the second was the V2 EX Flavor Cartridge. Though I’ll probably do a review for flavors in both types of cartomizers eventually, I just wanted to see how much vapor this device would produce with both their old and new style cartomizers. The results are pretty dramatic! The old cartomizer produced average vapor production for this style of e-cig, while the EX cartridge gave me a nice-sized plume. What this tells me is that the V2 EX is very capable of producing great vapor! The problem is, you need to spend about five more dollars per pack of five cartomizers to get this vapor. However, since this is more about the vapor and less about pricing and substance, I have to review the EX solely on its ability to produce a great vape. With that said, the V2 EX kit is well above most brands of cig-a-like style e-cigs.

Draw – 82 Excellent

Puffing on a V2 EX is very pleasant. If it had just a little more air resistance, it would be on par with Greensmoke. The one thing I noticed when drawing on the EX with Snap 2014-12-25 at 13.19.40the EX cartomizer specifically, is that the vapor runs a bit warm for my liking. Since I was reviewing with a menthol flavored EX cartomizer, though the draw tasted cool and refreshing, the warmth just felt a bit odd. Regardless, if you’re searching for a product that draws like an analogue, the V2 EX does the job admirably!

Variety – 88  Excellent

Though there’s only five cosmetic varieties of the EX battery and sleeve, this is still more than most companies offer. Furthermore, though the flavors do repeat the fact that you have choice of the cheaper V2 Flavor cartridges (of which there are currently 12 main flavor offerings) and the upgraded EX cartridges (with 6 main flavors), means you have a good amount variety. V2 also often offers a few limited time flavoring offers (at the time of this review, there were four), though most often it’s only of the regular V2 Flavor cartridge type. It would be nice if they added these flavors to the main roster on occasion!

Pricing – 88  Excellent

Though the EX is not the “entry-level” for the V2 series, the pricing is average for the bundles provided. There are a good amount of items shipped with the kit, such as two baV2 EX Starter Kittteries, 10 EX cartridges (which itself would be over $30) and a wall adapter and charging cord with the Standard EX Series Kit. The Standard EX Kit runs for $79.95 currently. There are three bigger kits available going up from there, with just more of the same items mostly, with the exception being two of the kits offer up the V2 Portable Charging Case XL.

Overall – 86.6 Excellent

The V2 EX Series Kit is a good valued, great performance buy. With the capability of producing vapor that rivals any brand of this type along with a few nice varieties in flavor and looks, V2 is to be commended for both the innovative sleeve and battery indicator lights, as well as the airflow and quality of the finish. It’s unfortunate that to get the best out of the product, you need to spend at least five more dollars per pack of cartridges to upgrade to the EX label, which offers less flavors, but hopefully V2 will adjust the pricing as time goes on and manufacturing of the EX cartridges becomes more standardized. Coupled with good customer service, a nice website, and even sometimes a clearance section to buy older and expiring products at much cheaper prices, V2 did the vaping community well with this product!

V2 EX Starter Kit
86.6 Overall Score
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Great innovative features. Sleek designs and function. Good ability for vapor production


Sleeve may cause issues. Timing needs to be longer on battery status lights.

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