South Beach Smoke Kit Review

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South Beach Smoke is a brand that has stood the test of time. Already offering a traditional cig-a-like vaping product, they recently added pen style vaping to their list in a partnership with VaporFi. Rolling in on a great reputation, even before the merge, South Beach Smoke’s flagship E-cigarette starter kit now gets the Puffers-Post test!

Save 10% at South Beach Smoke Now!
Save 10% at South Beach Smoke Now!

Build: 85 Excellent

It’s often hard to pinpoint what makes an e-cig feel authentic and valuable. With South Beach’s offering, it’s more clear; the weight. These batteries offer some nice heft to them, and the amount of charge they hold justifies it. Though the logo has changed a lot over the years, it’s always been emblazoned on the batteries nicely, lending a good professional look and sleekness. Snap 2015-09-19 at 13.13.58South Beach still sticks to the jewel-tipped design of the batteries, and even though it’s becoming somewhat outdated and cliche’ for e-cig batteries to still use this somewhat hokey design in today’s market, South Beach does it as well as it can be done, with the jewel flush with the tip of the battery.

The cartridges are certainly not flashy. However, they are almost as well made as the batteries, come in their own pill-foil individually wrapped bubbles, and are clearly color-coded for flavors. Here’s what’s unfortunate though; South Beach doesn’t label the nicotine percentage on the cartridge anywhere, at least with my samples. With their fairly large selection of flavors, the color coding can also get confusing if you’re trying to guess what one is without looking up the flavor chart on the website. This is my primary reason for a deduction in score on the build, but rest assured that this isn’t any reflection of the quality of the components internally, as South Beach is always on their game in that area!

Vapor: 74 Good

As usual, I tested my South Beach kit with a cartridge of their menthol flavor. Because this is a review of the kit, rather than the flavor cartridge, I won’t comment too much on the flavor itself. However I do want to point out that the Menthol flavor came through really strong on the very first draw. However, I was a bit disappointed with the vapor production from a fresh cartridge. However, the main reason I mention the strong flavor here is to note that just because you don’t get a huge cloud, doesn’t mean the taste isn’t there. With strong, flavorful tones, it’s just a shame that you don’t get that exhilarating puff of vapor to exhale with the strong taste.

Draw: 80 Good

The best part about drawing off a South Beach kit battery, is its very cig-a-like consistency and resistance. It’s almost a shame they don’t have soft-tip cartridges, because if you close your eyes, and forget that you have hard plastic between your lips, the draw is VERY lifelike. Though the temperature is sometimes a little hot, there’s no denying that the draw satisfies about as well as any cig-a-like product out there. This is a testament to both their cartridge and battery manufacturing. Well-played South Beach Smoke!

Variety: 82 Excellent

When reviewing a kit, I must take in all the factors associated with the kit, such as what’s available to buy, specifically for this kit, to keep users interested. South Beach severely lacks in this area. Though I’m fairly certain they used to offer different colors and combinations of batteries, this no longer seems to be the case. Each iteration of the kit basically just includes more of the same for more cash. The only real options you have are battery size, two colors (black and white), and a choice of cartridges. However, it’s in the cartridge variety where South Beach does excel! Snap 2015-09-19 at 13.12.43Offering no less than 16 flavor choices, you’ll never have a problem with growing tired of flavor options for your kit. This is where South Beach gets a nice score in this category, but it would still be nice to see them grow their variety of battery colors and accessories as well.

Pricing: 85 Excellent

South Beach e-cig kits begin at $39.99 for the Deluxe Starter Kit, up to $109.99 for the Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit. Focusing on the Deluxe Starter Kit, it includes one standard and one high-capacity battery, one portable wall charger, one USB adapter, and ten cartridges of whatever flavoring and strength you want.
This is a great starter kit for the price, as you’d be hard pressed to find this kind of quality, including some cartridges along with two batteries at this price anywhere! Of all the kit options South Beach provides, this is the best deal to start with.

Save 10% at South Beach Smoke Now!
Save 10% at South Beach Smoke Now!

Overall: 80.8 Good

I love South Beach Smoke e-cigs! It was one of my first kits I ever received and I’ve been using them for almost 3 years now. I would highly recommend one of their kits to anyone concerned about pricing vs. analogues or likewise, to someone who is open to trying a lot of different flavors and likes having those options. I would only warn against the lack of vapor and customization options with the batteries. Great product overall!

South Beach Smoke Kit
80.8 Overall Score
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Well made batteries. Good pricing with a nice big flavor selection.
Vapor production is rather low. No real customization of aesthetics.
If you're shopping for a nice travel e-cig, the South Beach Smoke Kits are great options! However, if you're looking for pure satisfaction, it may leave you a little underwhelmed.
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