Review Policy strives to provide reviews in an honest, simple, and easy-to-read fashion.  Due to the nature of reviewing different types of products (e.g. E-cigarettes, E-Juices, Accessories), every review between products may not have the same categories. However, the final rating is given in points, ranging from 0 to 100, obviously with 100 being perfect. The final score is not necessarily the average of all the reviewing categories, as categories are weighted differently as noted below in the descriptions. The following is the breakdown of the rating system:

NOTE: All reviews are subjective, meaning that they are of our opinion, and only the opinions of  The information provided in each review is meant to give you a starting point of what you may like, and who earns your hard-earned money.  It IS possible you may try a flavor or a product and not enjoy it or enjoy it more than our review stated.  You are welcome to leave comments after each review giving your own opinions of the product. 

Full Disclosure: has the right and will affiliate with many manufacturers of the products it may review.  However, you’ll note that most of the products advertised are typically very well rated on the site.  Rest assured this isn’t because we’re in an affiliated agreement with the manufacturer.  If gives a good review, it’s based on the facts that the product is truly a good product, and worth advertising as such.  Typically we won’t advertise products we rate poorly, outside of the review itself, unless a different product from the same company scores well.  Even then, Puffers-Post will attempt to advertise the worthy product if possible.

E-cigarettes and starter kits:

Build: This is how well the product seems to be made.  Other factors that may have bearing are whether or not the product leaks, how long a charge lasts on batteries, design/eye-appeal, and packaging.  This section may also contain some insight into the overall ease of dealing with the company.  Features also fall in this, such as variable voltage, ease of refilling, etc.  This category is judged very high in the overall review score.

Vapor: After all, this is what we’re after right?  This one is tricky since it also depends on the type of juices or cartomizers used.  To be as fair as possible, we will only judge this with juices or cartomizers specifically intended for use with the product.  Typically, this is done with a menthol flavoring to keep things similar between reviews, since menthol is generally widely considered one of the most popular flavors, but will often try at least another flavor offering to give better insight.  To put it bluntly though….if it can’t do menthol right, then we have a problem!  Some diagnosis of throat hit, and other factors may be mentioned here as well, but not in as much detail as reviewing the actual e-juices. Judged very high in the overall review score.

Draw: More important than you might initially realize, air flow and draw is widely different in models.  This is strictly one of those personal preferences, but we assume no one wants to feel like they’re sucking through a straw.  It’s a fine line to judge the air flow and resistance, but typically we compare it to smoking a real cigarette.  Judged high in the overall review score.

Variety: Though not weighted much in the overall review of the product, this one is mainly a testament to how customizable or how varied the offerings are with the product, from the selection of flavors to cases, extra designs, etc. Judged lowest in the overall review score.

Pricing: This is based on how well we feel you’re getting your money’s worth out of the product.  Also may include tips about subscription pricing and availability.  Judged high in the overall review score.


*NOTE* If not stated in the review, all juices reviewed are assumed to be of the 50/50 PG/VG mixture (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin).

Vapor: Again, one of the most important categories.  We all want lots of vapor!  The main thing to point out here, is though many of the manufacturers tell you to “prime” or warm up the atomizer/cartomizer by drawing a puff or two out first.  This doesn’t mean the first draw isn’t important!  To be picky about it, drawing out the first puff just for the sake of getting a better one next time is still using your e-juice, battery supply, and wear on the product.  So a good first puff is going to get a better score than something that gets better the more you warm it up.  However, we will take multiple puffs for this scoring, but if it provides good first puffs, it’ll be noted and rewarded.  Also, keep in mind that vapor production is in large part to the device using the e-juice.  Thus, to be fair, we typically review the juices on their own brand of vaporizer/e-cig, and furthermore, usually on the entry-level kit, since it’s the most likely to be purchased by people unfamiliar with the company or product.  Judged very high in the overall review score.

Throat hit:  This one’s tricky, as it’s typically up to the user whether they like the sting in the back of the throat and how harsh/smooth it is.  Again, about the only way to fairly judge this is to compare it to regular cigarettes and you can base your judgment on how we say it compares.  Judged low on the overall review score.

Flavor:  Another tricky one.  People like/dislike different things, and a particular vaping flavor is one of them.  Again, this is a subjective opinion, but the guideline is, that if the company says it’s cherry flavored, then it hopefully comes across for us like smoked cherry!  Judged very high in the overall review score.

Aroma:  We’ve boggled our minds over this one.  Most juices and e-cigs don’t have aromas, and perhaps this is important to you.  But also, if the vapor has a nice smell, it often enhances the flavor and the pleasantness of inhaling.  It’s tough to score, but we can’t really cut a score because of NO aroma.  Therefore, if there is no aroma to us, it will simply have a “0”, and not be factored in to the overall score.  We are not looking for the strength of the aroma, though it will often be noted how strong or light it is.  Rather, does it add to the flavor?  Do others that smell it think it’s pleasant?  Judged low on the overall review score.

Price:  In this world, value means everything.  We base this mainly on competition, price per volume and the overall review score for the price.  If there are savings in subscriptions or values to be had, it’ll be mentioned here as well.  Judged high in the overall review score.

Accessories and Other:

These products will simply be judged by usefulness and price, in one concise score, judged on a scale of 1 to 100.


At the end of each review, there will be a summary, hitting all the high points and low points.  Total scores are accumulated here, and though no score should be taken as definitive without reading the context within, generally the following can be surmised based on the final accumulative score in our opinions.

  • 0~10.9: Incapable
  • 11~20.9: Unbearable
  • 21~30.9: Forgetful
  • 31~40.9: Severely Limited
  • 41~50.9: Limited
  • 51~60.9: Passable
  • 61~70.9: Usable
  • 71~80.9: Good
  • 81~90.9: Excellent
  • 91~99.9: Superb
  • 100: Perfect (probably never happen)

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