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Here we are with one of the older and more recognizable e-cigarette companies in the U.S.A. Greensmoke is also one of the few companies that as of this writing, doesn’t offer a eGO style device, rather it sticks with what it knows best; traditional e-cig batteries and cartomizers.

Build Score: 93 Superb

Each Greensmoke kit consists of a variable number of batteries, cartomizers and charging options and the differences between them are mostly strictly numbers. However, the constants are the batteries and Greensmoke’s batteries are very unassuming, as are the cartomizers. In fact, besides their custom battery designs and outside of it’s tell-tell green LED ash-tip on the batteries, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was any other e-cig manufacturer’s battery and cartomizer. But there’s something different…

Without dazzle or flash, the e-cig batteries and cartomizers are undeniably simple looking. But pick one of the batteries up, and there’s mass there. You can instantly sense the quality in the battery without even taking a draw. Greensmoke uses a 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery for its kits, and they advertise 400 puffs on average. However, I’d be pressed to say that they’re being very reserved with this approximation. I haven’t counted one by one, but it’s not too far-fetched to expect 500-600 puffs on a fully charged, new battery. These things go the distance very well! Again…the quality doesn’t necessarily show on the outside, but it sure does deliver!

Snap 2014-11-06 at 22.43.44Furthermore, the packaging is just beautiful. Everything is nicely packed, individually wrapped, and well presented in the starter kits. The cartomizers are foil-packed for freshness, with nice green rubber plugs on each end. The packaging just feels rich, and each time you remove a cartomizer, you know you’re about to vape well!

So, while inconspicuous, basic, and universal in it’s design appeal, the Greensmoke superiority really hits its stride when you’re putting the e-cig together and taking that first, fully charged puff. Greensmoke knows they ARE quality, and they back it all with a lifetime warranty!

Vapor Score: 96 Superb

As usual, I review kits with the company’s menthol flavored juices and cartomizers if possible, so it’s no surprise I picked Greensmoke’s Menthol Ice flavor at 2.4% nicotine for the test. I’ll certainly delve more into the amazing flavoring of their juice with my individual review of the flavor soon, but suffice it to say, if you aren’t typically blown away by the amount of vapor a traditional-style e-cig can produce then you haven’t tried a Greensmoke kit! I was shocked that it could produce close too, if not MORE vapor than a lot of highly valued companies’ eGO-style kits….ON THE FIRST PUFF! Subsequent puffs just amplified the amazing volume of smoke, all coming from their subtle cartomizer and battery. Unbelievable!

Draw Score: 92 Superb

Greensmoke expresses in its documents, that the batteries are manufactured for great airflow and draw. I couldn’t agree more. The draw on this traditional-style e-cig is among the closest to what it feels like to puff on a real cigarette that I have ever experienced! To be clear, the only way I could tell I was not drawing on a real cigarette with my eyes closed, was largely due to the hard plastic cartomizer tip. However, what I really want to express is something very few people mention in reviews I’ve read up to this point: the temperature.

Snap 2014-11-06 at 22.45.23Yes, that’s right! It’s such an overlooked detail in how great a draw is, that I’d hardly even noticed myself using previous e-cigs. Greensmoke, however, made me grasp an unknown truth…temperature IS very important! It’s really hard to explain without feeling it yourself, but a good number of companies turn up the heat on the atomizing process, to the point where the vapor itself is too hot, and often, tastes a little burnt. However, getting the opposite effect isn’t pleasurable either and typically, a vaporizing process that is too cool reduces vapor and taste. But Greensmoke’s draw just felt right…like it was right at the core body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit as it enters the mouth. This keeps your taste buds from having to adjust for temperature before actually TASTING. This is why as soon as the Greensmoke vapor gets in your mouth…the taste explodes. I totally attribute this to the amazing draw that Greensmoke prides its batteries’ reputation on, and I wholeheartedly agree!

Variety Score: 63 Usable

Snap 2014-11-06 at 22.44.21*NOTE* 06/29/16 – I have modified this score based on some changes to the overall variety that Greensmoke now provides. They’ve also done a renaming of the flavors, which is now mirrored in this review.  Please see the summary for a complete list of changes from the old review.

Oh, how it pains me to do this, because every other aspect of the Greensmoke’s product is SO well done! The truth is, if you’re looking for a ton of options from flavorings, to customizations, you’re just not going to find it with Greensmoke. There are a total of five flavors available, and they can be configured from 0% to 2.4% nicotine:

  • Classic
  • Signature Red
  • Southern Gold
  • Menthol Ice
  • Smooth Cream

There are also a handful of designs and colors you can elect to have on your battery, all fashionable, but only cosmetic. They offer a line of three different e-cig case designs and an option for rubber tip extensions for cleaner, softer vaping.

Snap 2014-11-06 at 22.44.05The starter kits themselves are all the same product, just more or less of it while some offer cases and different charging arrangements.

Their starter kits are all pretty cut and dried, and though that’s not horrible, as Greensmoke has clearly tried to master it’s product before expanding, I do have to lower the score based on the fact that other companies are now enthusiastically advertising the fact that they have so many options available.

A few new flavors, different battery styles (manual or automatic), etc. would go a long way towards getting an increased score and presence. Perhaps even a little more freedom in options (sell the e-juice for those that love the flavors but want their own product to vape with) would be of benefit. If there’s any faults with Greensmoke, it’s in this area.

Pricing Score: 90 Excellent

Greensmoke has recently lowered their prices on their kits and that’s great news, as they were typically considered among the most expensive e-cigs on the market! Now that they have prices in the same ranges as other brands, it deems them much more likely to be purchased by common people interested in trying e-cigs. Here’s the breakdown:

Essentials Kit: $18.49
2 Cartridges of your flavor choosing
1 Rechargeable battery
1 USB charger

Love Birds Kit: $129.60
4 Cartridge packs (20 cartridges)
6 Rechargeable batteries
2 USB chargers
2 Wall adapters
2 Car adapters
2 Carrying Cases

Express Kit: $46.72
1 Cartridge pack (5 cartridges)
2 Rechargeable batteries
1 USB charger
1 Wall adapter
1 Carrying Case

Pro Kit: $74.05
2 Cartridge Packs (10 cartridges)
3 Rechargeable Batteries
1 USB Charger
1 Wall Adapter
1 Car Adapter
1 Carrying Case

Ultimate Kit: $92.56
2 Cartridge Packs (10 cartridges)
4 Rechargeable Batteries
2 USB Chargers
1 Wall Adapter
1 Car Adapter
1 Carrying Case
1 Leather Case

All these kits come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, Free Shipping, and a Lifetime Warranty.

Considering the sheer quality of the product coupled with the fact that they have recently reduced their prices, this puts Greensmoke’s kits right in line with the best you can buy for the money you spend!

Summary/Overall Score: 90.4 Excellent

*NOTE* 06/29/16 – Greensmoke has made some changes to this product and the variety of flavors offered.  I have reflected the changes in this review, as noted:

  • Variety score went down from a “70” to a “63” based on Greensmoke removing three flavor offerings, and reducing the amount of flavors to five.
  • The new variety score reduced the overall score from a “91” to a “90.4”.  This did however, take it from a “Superb” rating down to an “Excellent”.

Let’s not end this review with a summary, so much as a warning! Whether you’re an entry-level Vaper, or you’ve been trying different traditional e-cigs for a while, once you try Greensmoke, it’s going to be hard not to throw away your others. I haven’t tried them all, but I’ve tried many and as of this writing, I have yet to even come close to finding a traditional e-cig that satisfies quite like Greensmoke! Do yourself a favor and buy one of these kits now!

Greensmoke Review
90.4 Overall Score
51 Users Score (1 vote)

Best vapor production of any e-cig I have tried. Lowered pricing. Amazing draw! Lifetime warranty.


Just not enough options in flavors or variety of styles and batteries. Otherwise, very little to complain about!

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