VaporFi Amaretto Sunrise E-juice Review

Today’s review of VaporFi’s Amaretto Sunrise flavored e-juice is somewhat of a blind test for me. I’m not one to often drink hard beverages. I can’t rightfully compare it to the liquor itself, since I’ve never tried amaretto. Please realize going in that I’m basing the review squarely on a new vaping experience with this flavor.

South Beach Smoke Kit Review

South Beach Smoke is a brand that has stood the test of time. Already offering a traditional cig-a-like vaping product, they recently added pen style vaping to their list in a partnership with VaporFi. Rolling in on a great reputation, even before the merge, South Beach Smoke’s flagship E-cigarette starter kit now gets the Puffers-Post test!

V2 Cola E-liquid Review

V2 has been selling e-juices for quite some time, and just recently added more products from its own brand that can use the e-juice without the cumbersome experience of trying to refill its cartomizers. We’re reviewing the V2 Cola flavored e-juice with 1.8% nicotine today.